Free fidget toy contest winners – everyone wins!

Earlier this week we kicked off our series of interviews with fidget toy makers by talking with Geoff from Steel Lynx. As I said then, Geoff offered three Mobius toys for you guys and it was my job to pick the winners. Well, since posting that interview Geoff has changed his mind and everyone wins!

If you’re one of the ten people who commented on our previous post, you just won a Mobius fidget toy!

You get a Mobius! And you get a Mobius! And you get a Mobius!

A big thank you to Geoff, and to all you guys who took part in this! Watch your emails, I’ll be sending you details on how to collect your prize.

Edit: I messed up and forgot an important thing: you do have to pay for shipping. I’d handle that myself, but to be honest it’s more than my budget allows for right now. 

75 Tri-Spinners to keep you fidgeting

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One of the main reasons I started this site was that I felt there are few places you can get information about fidget toys. I’d Google one of them and only find unrelated or barely reliable information scattered over a dozen results. So for the time being I’m focusing on lists. After last time I focused on Rubik’s Cubes, this post is all about fidget spinners, and tri-spinners in particular.

Why does this list contain 75 tri-spinners, you ask? Because this isn’t a Buzzfeed article and I’m not looking for catchy numbers, and because I started this post with 79 and realized along the way I had some duplicates. I spent a looot of hours over the past few days trying to find as many tri-spinners as I could, then narrowed down the list to avoid including cheap, low quality clones that aren’t worth your money. If you know one that I haven’t included, or if you disagree with one I did include, just drop me a line in the comments below and I’ll do my best to improve this post.

Why tri-spinners, though? Because I want one, and this whole thing started out as research for my next purchase. And five minutes of research turned into about twelve hours of research… And I haven’t even written the post. A quick note about the post: all images are taken directly from their manufacturer’s stores, so the real spinner is credited.

But enough talk, you’re not here for my long intros, you’re here to see some awesome tri-spinners! So let’s get on with it. As before, I’ve ordered these tri-spinners ascending according to price. The cheapest one on my list is under 7 bucks, while the most expensive is $180, so we’re going through the whole range of price, quality and craftsmanship. Enjoy!

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Meet your makers #1: Steel Lynx

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I’ve got a couple of new post series in the works, and this is one of them. Meet your makers is a series of interviews I’m planning with manufacturers in the EDC / fidget toy industry. Ever since I first started exploring this industry I became fascinated with the fact that most of the products aren’t big brand names that have practically set up a monopoly. No, instead it’s your average Joe that builds and sells these toys, and is more in touch with his audience than Apple will ever be with iPhone users.

The first manufacturer to answer my call is Geoff, the guy behind Steel Lynx (check out all of his work at He makes a lot of types of fidget toys, but his most famous one is probably the Mobius fidget toy:

He was kind enough to offer three of them for free for our community – more details about this at the end of the post!

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The best Rubik’s Cubes you can buy right now

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rubik's cubes

In creating my post about Fidget Toys, I was researching all the types of stress relief toys that are available right now when I remembered the ones I’ve had for the longest time: Rubik’s cubes. Once I posted the Fidget Toys article I got some advice: the cubes I recommended are okay, but they’re not 2017 okay.

So I did some more research, asked some more advice from people more up to date than myself, and I’ve gathered what I think are the best Rubik’s Cubes you can buy right now. Hopefully, you’ll feel the same way too!

I’ve ordered these cubes according to price, so this whole post will read like an elevator: the further down you go, the bigger the prices. Don’t worry too much, though, the most expensive Rubik’s Cube on the list still costs less than $25. Even if you bought all of the cubes I’ve presented below, you will have to pay a grand total of $144.25 – and you’d have an impressive collection with the best of the best.

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All about fidget toys – an in-depth guide

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A word before you start reading: please consider this post a work in progress. I initially wrote it following my own research and opinions, but I’m dedicated to updating it to reflect the community’s views. If I made a mistake and misinterpreted your favorite hobby/toy, please let me know in the comments!

The purpose of this post is to familiarize yourself with fidget toys, so I wrote a few words about the many types and categories of fidget toys that you can find right now. Hopefully, by the time you reach the other end of this page you will have gained a general overview of this emerging industry. I realize going into this that I’m not going to be able to list all fidget toys – or even all the types of fidget toys you can buy – but if you know of one that I missed, just drop a comment and I’ll be quick to investigate. That being said, enjoy this guide!

Before I start, let me tell you about what you’re going to read: first off, I grouped each fidget toy into a category wherever this could be done. This doesn’t mean that all the toys in a category are alike, there’s incredible diversity from one model to another, but to showcase that diversity I would literally have to list all the products I ever came across, and that would take hours to read.

Second, you’ll see that I score each category of spinners in three aspects: Price, Fidgetness and Repeatability. The score you see there is out of 5 points, and it’s not meant to describe any single product, but the whole category. Here’s what each of these mean:

Price – self explanatory, this refers to the price of a product type. The higher the Price score, the higher the product type’s average price.
Fidgetness – in my mind, a fidget toy can be used during class or during a meeting, and while providing stress relief it shouldn’t take your focus away from what you’re doing. A product type will score high here if it achieves this.
Portability – how easy is it to carry this product type around?  High scores mean it’s so easy you forget about it, low scores mean you need extra special care when you’re the move.
Repeatability – I often get bored of fidget after playing around with them for a while. The ones that stand the test of time will score high here, while one hit wonders will score low.

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Name your favorite EDC Toys and win one!

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edc toys

In my spare time I build websites, much like EDC Toys here, mostly based off of my current hobby or interest at the time, tinker with them and try to learn as much as possible when it comes to coding, design, maintenance, and everything else. In the past, I’ve built sites like, or (when I discovered and fell in love with Hearthstone), but after a while my interest fizzles and I move on to something else.

I want EDC Toys to be different, and I want to give the community a voice when it comes to what you see here. What gets posted on EDC Toys needs to reflect the community and not just my own preferences. My goal here is to bring added value to your hobby, and to do that I need you to guide me in the right direction.

These are my reasons for inaugurating what I call an EDC challenge: leave a comment below and share your favorite 3 EDC toys! At the end of the month I’ll randomly choose one comment and the winner will receive a $50 prize.

So, what are you into? Fidget toys, outdoor gear, vehicle gear? Share the love here and get a chance to win your favorite gear! You can leave as many comments as you want and get to know everyone’s interests, but you’ll only get one entry – fair’s fair. Also, if your favorite toy happens to be a Tesla… I’ll just wire you the $50.  If it’s in the ballpark of $50, I’ll have it shipped to your doorstep.

63 Fidget Cube clones you can get until the original arrives

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original fidget cube

The Fidget Cube has brought EDC toys into the spotlight – as I was telling you in our first post, it’s what opened my eyes to the world of fidget toys in the first place. And since it managed to raise close to $6.5 million from Kickstarter every online news outlet this side of the internet started to cover the Fidget Cube, fidget toys in general and even some of the everyday carry essentials regardless of their type.

But months have come and gone and even some of the earliest backers are left waiting for theirs, with little contact from Antsy Labs other than constant general “we’re shipping some cubes, have patience” announcements. The Fidget Cube subreddit has an ongoing thread where members post once they receive either the cubes or shipping confirmations, and you can still see some top 1,000 backers left hanging even now, 4 months since the Kickstarter campaign made its debut.

If you haven’t even ordered a Fidget Cube, odds are that you’re months away from getting your hands on the real deal. Since Amazon is full of Fidget Cube clones I thought I’d put together a tiny list of these clones in case some of you were eager to get your hands on a cube – albeit a knockoff one – until the real deal is shipped.

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All about EDC Spinners

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what are edc spinners

TL;DR: If you’ve ever heard of EDC spinners but you’re not quite sure what they are, I put together this guide as a broad overview. Is anything left unclear after reading this post? Did I leave out your favorite gadget? Let me know in the comments below!

EDC spinners are the topic I thought that the first “real” post on the site should try to cover. Ideally, this should put EDC into perspective and analyze the types of products we’re going to be focusing on in more detail. Since I discovered EDC toys relatively recently, these first posts will also recreate my journey to discover what EDC is all about. Hopefully, if you’re just starting out you’re going to find these posts useful.

So, without further ado, here’s a relatively close look into all the different EDC Spinners:

What are EDC Spinners?

This is my first – and so far my only spinner. When I first started to research stress relief gadgets similar to the Fidget Cube, I found that spinners are by far the most wide spread of them all. Basically, every EDC gear list would contain one of these. In essence, these toys consist of a center ball bearing that you hold between your thumb and index finger and some sort of “body” that spins around the center ball bearing.

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Welcome to EDC Toys

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edc toys

I figured before jumping right into things we’d take a minute and say hello. So, hello and welcome to EDC Toys!

What is EDC?

EDC stands for Everyday Carry. While the term is pretty self-explanatory, it can mean different things to different people: gun enthusiasts will immediately think about their favorite weapon, or photographers will think about the camera that’s most easy to carry along. But EDC isn’t limited to any one niche, group or hobby – it’s a broad term that’s applied differently from one person to the next.

I myself  only found out that EDC is a thing a couple of months ago. I backed the Fidget Cube in fall 2016 and while doing research on it I was surprised to find that this isn’t the first gadget of its kind, and there’s a whole series of fidget toys that are meant to be carried around all day. But while I had just found out about this, I wasn’t a stranger to fidgeting.

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