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In my spare time I build websites, much like EDC Toys here, mostly based off of my current hobby or interest at the time, tinker with them and try to learn as much as possible when it comes to coding, design, maintenance, and everything else. In the past, I’ve built sites like, or (when I discovered and fell in love with Hearthstone), but after a while my interest fizzles and I move on to something else.

I want EDC Toys to be different, and I want to give the community a voice when it comes to what you see here. What gets posted on EDC Toys needs to reflect the community and not just my own preferences. My goal here is to bring added value to your hobby, and to do that I need you to guide me in the right direction.

These are my reasons for inaugurating what I call an EDC challenge: leave a comment below and share your favorite 3 EDC toys! At the end of the month I’ll randomly choose one comment and the winner will receive a $50 prize.

So, what are you into? Fidget toys, outdoor gear, vehicle gear? Share the love here and get a chance to win your favorite gear! You can leave as many comments as you want and get to know everyone’s interests, but you’ll only get one entry – fair’s fair. Also, if your favorite toy happens to be a Tesla… I’ll just wire you the $50.  If it’s in the ballpark of $50, I’ll have it shipped to your doorstep.

48 thoughts on “Name your favorite EDC Toys and win one!”

  1. My glow in the dark fidget spinner from Restless Hand Toys, YJ Yulong 3×3 speedcube, and Pilot G2 pens, because they write great, and are weighted well for tricking!

  2. My new favourite EDC is my fidget spinner. I’ve only got a little 3D printed one but its still fun. I keep it on a keychain with my USB sticks which are another essential EDC for me 🙂

    I’ve got a nice fountain pen too which I have to take with me and a little notebook with suitably thick paper to ensure no ink leaks through.

  3. 1. My boyscout pocket knife my dad got me when I was 12.
    2. Leathermen wave
    3. Playdoe for fidgeting because I can’t afford the cool fidget stuff!
    Thanks for doing this man!!!

  4. as a swiss my favorite edc, which a carry daily:
    victorinox: spartan (the traditional pocket knife)
    victorinox: swisstool X (the knife for all things the army knife don’t work)
    keeppursuing: kp sling (to carry all my thing’s)

  5. From my youth, a magic folding cube (Yoshimoto Cube), although it’s a little big for EDC.

    Today, finger nail clippers I manipulate every which way and roll between my fingers. Sorry, I just discovered fidget toys are a thing.

    I’m off now to search for an ultra small, ultra quiet fidget toy my son can use in his classroom. He has ADHD, but can’t use his usual squeezy stress ball because it’s an object that looks designed to be thrown and other kids mess with it.

    1. Thanks for your recommendation!

      Your comment convinced me – the next post will focus on fidget toys. I’m sure I can find a couple that your son can use! 🙂

  6. Yo! Here’s mine:

    Fidget spinner, especially from sites you can handpick colors, caps, bearings and finish. I can spin and play for hours while reading or walking.

    Short game Begleri. Very nice to sling around. Made mine by myself with glass marbles and paracord. It feels extra good knowing I put it together.

    Tactical pen. I carry one because it’s interesting and well engineered and because carrying knives is illegal in Sweden.

    There’s an idea for you! A post about them nifty Tactical pens. 😀

  7. You can usually find me flipping a knife open then shut or playing with my flashlight or pocket tool. I rarely have room in my pockets to carry a fidget toy such as my cheap 3d printed spinner but I think if I had some smaller like a torqbar, I would carry it around and play with it more often.

    Current gear:
    Light: Klarus XT11GT
    Knife: Spyderco Nirvana
    Pocket tool: Atwood Crawdaddy

    $50? Heck I’d probably try to find a decent all metal spinner (there’s a small number on etsy below that threshhold) or I’d put that money towards a new light. I hear Overhead is putting out another batch of their Boss Clicky series here soon (3500 lumen pocket light yes please 😎).

    Anyways good luck with the website!

  8. My EDC is very personal to me because I feel like it describes my character. First off I carry a fidget spinner that has three wings to it. I followed an instructional video and it is made of zip ties. The center bearing is fully ceramic, which balances out the crappyness of the zip ties. I then carry a bright orange Kershaw leek with my phone number personally engraved on it. This way if it gets lost it can find its way back to me. Lastly I carry my beloved Google pixel, which is the most important part of my EDC.

  9. 1. Pilot G2 0.5mm pen. Seriously. They write great, they spin great, and I’ll fidget by taking them apart and putting them back together.
    2. S-biner. Also seriously. I just spin it on my finger, and it idles by holding my keys to my belt.
    3. 3d printed 3 spoke spinner. Mixed and matched a few designs I liked in terms of the spinner and caps, then purchased the bearings, did the printing, press fit the bearings and caps, and now I have a spinner that is not only fun, but I know that I built it. Having made it myself brings me joy.

  10. I love all spinners, but I’ve been dying to pick up a rotoblade stubby. Manual folding knives are also super satisfying to just flick open and closed while sitting at the desk.

  11. Definitely the FlyAway Toys Falcon, any sort of small-ish pocket knife, does a watch band count? Mine pops off when I clap

  12. My favorite edc toys are the rotablade stubby light, the thinket, and the spinetic spinners X and Y! Also love my kershaw cqc-3k

  13. the orbiter by Allen designs!! would love to have one but with my newborn baby girl money is a weeeeee bit to tight at the moment

  14. my favourite spinner has to be the spinetic X, they look awesome, told the build quality is outstanding and they are amazingly affordable for a metal spinner, also the owner josh is a super nice dude 🙂 a stainless steel X would be beautiful

  15. 1. Neocube magnets
    2. Handmade begleri
    3. 3D printed fidget spinner

    And if i get 50$ i would defenetly buy Hyperstone spinner

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