Meet your Makers #2: Spinetic

spinetic spinners

Almost a month ago I premiered the interview series called Meet your Makers, where I try to show you a bit of theΒ behind the scenes of a fidget toy maker’s life. In the time since then I tried to get in touch with more manufacturers, and to my surprise and delight more of them have agreed to take part in my small interview series.

In today’s episode I teamed up with Joshua, the owner and creator behind Spinetic Spinners, some of the most popular fidget toys out there and definitely the most popular on EDC Toys. Every time I ask you for recommendations the top ones I get are Spinetic spinners. And his website,Β, is probably on top of everyone’s daily bookmarks, just to see if any spinners are back in stock.

Not only was Joshua kind enough to sit down with me and answer my questions, but he agreed to host a giveaway for one lucky reader. So keep reading until the very end, when I’ll tell you all about this giveaway.

How did Day 1 at Spinetic look like?

Depends on what you define as Day 1. Day 1 of the launch was exciting but I didn’t have too many products yet, not even the X or Y. Overall it was not very climatic. However Day 1 of the X and Y launch was insane. I was planning to sell maybe 50 and we did over triple that within the first few hours. I frantically set up a shipping station in my bed room to quickly get the orders ready. Stayed up all night boxing them up to get them out next day or so.

What’s the first fidget toy you ever made?

A 3D printed one I found on a website called shapeways. I immediately was hooked and launched my 3d modeling program and created the 1st version of the X.

The first Spinetic prototypes. On the left, the first spinner Joshua made, back in September.

Which spinner do you like more – the X or the Y?

Personally I like the X more. There aren’t too many 4 arm spinners on the market so I like how unique it is.

You’re on a deserted island and you’re allowed to wish a single Spinetic product to appear next to you. Which is it?

Again probably the X in Stainless Steel.

Do you own another fidget item? If so, which one?

Yes of course! I currently own several from other makers and have more on the way. We are a community and love supporting each other which is the reason why I also resell some of theirs alongside our designs.

How does your relationship with your fan base?

I try to be personal and honest with them. Making sure they are informed, happy, and responded to by an actual human being quickly are my top priorities.

Did you expect the reaction you got from customers?

I expected good feedback but when people started reaching out to me, when they arrived, telling me stories on how they love the product or how it helps them with some certain condition, it’s hits home for me. I didn’t start this business to make money, I started it to give people an affordable/quality product and great service. These spinners are so new and the avenues to get one are very restricted and I feel we opened the flood gates.

What’s your all-time favorite customer?

I can’t find the email, but this customer reached out and thanked me. He sent almost a page telling me how much he appreciated what we were doing and how he supports us. And he didn’t even purchase anything. He has since gotten and order from us but it was awesome to hear from a customer that wanted to praise us for just being us.

Plans for the future: how does 2018 look like for Spinetic?

So much to do and so little time. We have many things planned and a lot that’s under wraps and hush hush. But overall we want to expand our reach and be able to get spinners to every single person who is in the market for one.

The face behind Spinetic Spinners. πŸ™‚

Here’s how to win a Spinetic toy

As I was saying at the top of the post, Joshua was awesome enough to put one of his spinners up for grabs for our giveaway. Here’s how you can win one:

Leave a comment below and let us know what it is that makes Spinetic spinners stand apart, in your opinion. What do you like about them most?

We’ll randomly choose one winner at the end of the work week, so our winner will enter the weekend with a smile on their face. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter, all news goes there first! Also, remember toΒ tell us if you prefer a Spinetic X or Spinetic Y, so we can choose the best

114 thoughts on “Meet your Makers #2: Spinetic”

  1. Spinetic stands apart because Josh stands by his products. I had a manufacturer issue with my bearing and with no questions asked Josh sent me a new one. Customer service means a lot to me, and that’s why I’ve referred lots of friends and those online to his spinners. Right now I’ve got a brass Y but my coworker just got a SS X and I can’t wait to give his a try.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. When asking around for a high quality sub-50 dollar spinner this is one of a handful of companies that always come up. I have since ordered an SS Y and if possible would like the chance to win a SS X. Thank you guys for the interview and chance to win. Oh, I was on Spin-Space when this article came up.

  3. Spinetic spinners is changing lives, helping people who can’t spend 150 dollars on a spinner achieve a product that is very high quality.

  4. The design of the Spinetics is one of the best out there and I really love how the bearing can be removed easily. I would love a chance for a SS x

  5. Spinetic rules! Awesome customer service and very active in the spinner community! Not only does he offer his own affordable spinner but also has a handful of other designers spinners at reasonable prices ! Highly recommended. And if I got the chance to have one of his spinners I’d take a SSX!

  6. This is a must have in the community of spinners. It will never let you down because it’s just high quality and made really well. You can tell How much care has gone into each product! It’s the first thing to recommend to someone wanting to get into getting a collection of high quality spinner. Josh is above the rest!

    Great article

  7. A good quality spinner at a decent price. I like the Y because it is the first spinner I purchased. Looking at the X for an upcoming purchase.

  8. I received a Spinetic just a few days ago. I have several other spinners, some considerabley more expensive, but none of them are as buttery smooth as the Spinetic. I guess it’s the 10 ball r188 combined with the bearing retainer that does it. It’s understandable, yet still amazing, to watch them sell-out after every drop. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

  9. Spinetic spinners are awesome because they provide a fantastic product at a fantastic price! I’ve had a few “high end” spinners that retailed for five times the cost of a Spinetic X and I would happily carry the Spinetic. I personally prefer the y design since it leaves a little more room to flick!

  10. I received my first Spinetic Spinner a day ago. I purchased the X-Brass, and haven’t put it down yet. What sets them apart is the superior quality in conjunction with their low price point. Keep up the awesome work. I’ll be waiting for the next batch of X in stainless.

  11. The value is what makes Spinetic stand out. The X and Y incorporated everything that is important in a spinner and nothing more so it could be sold at a very reasonable price.

  12. I ordered a SS Y on Friday and will be my first. I really like the design and the price really made it stand out more. Looking forward to Wednesday to check it out in person!

  13. In my opinion, the best feature of spinetic spinners is the quality you get at such an affordable price. Yes you could go get something like a maelstrom or something similar for $120+, but you could get a spinetic y (my personal favorite) for a third of the price and just as high or higher quality.

  14. Hopefully with Spinetic’s innovation in product and pricing the rising fidget toy industry will lower it’s sometimes ridiculous pricing, a game changer in the market for sure! With the X, hopefully it inspires more makers to try now things from the bar and tri too!

  15. I think what stands them apart is having a unique design at an realistic affordable price without reducing quality when it comes to spin and fidget quality. I personally don’t own one but wish I did!

  16. I appreciate that you are close to your fan base and keep in contact with everyone. It’s also nice to have found a website that isn’t back ordered for 5-8 weeks. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more of your ideas out in the fidget community.

  17. I have been told that the spinetic company stands behind its very well made product. To me a company that is willing to go the extra step for a customer is one to try to do business with. I am a bit tight on cash lately, so have been unable to order one. But i will be sure to do so as soon as able. A spinetic x will be what i go for. Thank you for all you do.

  18. Today is my birthday March 12 1992 winning 1 would be awesome for a birthday gift and I must add every time I have asked groups what company to buy from they always referred me to spinetic. They all have told me how great yalls product is .

  19. The things that make Spinetic and Joshua stand out to me is the fact he has brought a great spinner to market that doesn’t break the bank and that Joshua is so responsive and connected to his customer base.
    Joshua and his company continually come up in conversation when anyone talks about well made spinners and awesome customer service.
    What Spinetic spinner would I like if chosen? I suppose I’d go with Joshua’s personal favorite and say a SS X.

  20. Spinetic is awesome. They make high quality spinners at an affordable price. Josh’s company will go far and do great I’m sure. Being in the army we don’t make much money so it’s awesome that they put out these great quality pieces at a price point I can actually afford. I would love to get my hands on a stainless Y! Thanks for the chance!

  21. While I haven’t ordered a Spinetic yet, I love the design of them, and how affordable they are. Looking to get an X here shortly though. Nice article!

  22. I think Joshua not only has come out with an amazing product but has also kept his goal to make his product (being metal not 3D) reachable to ones that can’t afford high end spinners. I have a SS Y and like it over a Brass X…I just feel Y has more weight and spins longer.

  23. I’ve never had a Spinetic spinner because it’s always out of stock and it’s above me price point (even though it’s pretty cheap for most people and has probably one of the best bang for buck ratios out there) . What stands out to me are the high spin times, the smooth and quiet spins (I use them a lot in class and don’t want to be annoying to those sitting around me) the aesthetically pleasing design, and the materials used (I’ve never had a high quality metal spinner before).

  24. Great quality for a great price! You can’t beat the price for a metal spinner with such a smooth bearing! They ship on weekends and their customer service has a fast response time. Not to mention they must be doing something right because they are always sold out yet restock every week! πŸ‘πŸ‘

  25. Spinetic is one of the only companies that sells a very high quality spinner for such a low price. I personally can’t afford $100+ for a fidget spinner but $35 for a high quality metal spinner with a nice long and smooth spin is the best bang for your buck. I like the X design better, and can’t wait for the next drop of them in SS.

  26. I’m new to the world of spinners.
    And it seems the world of spinners is fairly new but rapidly exploding into a wondrous world of quality and diversity. I’ve done several searches and often all roads lead to Spinetic..
    the SS X spinner in particular for me.
    I’m mesmerized by its look both still and in motion.
    Thank you for the article and the behind the scene look at the makers of Spinetic a photographer it’s not only the finished project but the journey that I love most so this article really shines a light that strikes a chord for me.
    I’m excited to read future articles on other makers. well done and bravo!

    I’m hoping to get my feet wet with my first (possibly of many) spinners in the near future. Perhaps with a Spinetic spinner doing the honors.

  27. There are a few factors that completely set Spinetic apart from the competition. One of these differences is value, while almost all spinners at this level of quality are above $100, there’s a perfect spinner down at the $35- $40 range, that being any and all of the spinetic spinners. A second factor would be customer support, from what I’ve heard, spinetic has an outstanding customer support, on the same level if not better than flyawaytoys. And finally, they just make amazing spinners, theiron QC is beyond that of my other brands *cough* noblespin *cough*. In general, spinetic is in my opinion, the premier brand of fidget spinners

  28. I love these spinners because they are so easily customizable. I flamed and glowed mine and it looks and spins outstanding! For the price you can’t beat it. I would like the Y spinner in SS as Inhabe the X spinner. Airborne!

  29. The best part about Spinetic is their dedication to the community. The spinners are affordable and well made. The Y is the smoothest spinner I’ve had! The bearing design is amazing, as well as the overall look. A Y or X seems like a staple piece for collectors. Keep it up guys! I would let to try the X next.

  30. I think what spinetic is really great because they are making affordable options for people like me (college student budget), that still perform but have a more attractive price tag. And all that while still creating a beautiful product that functions identically to it’s more pricey counterpart.

  31. This is honestly the first time I’ve heard of Spinetic, so I just went to check out their site. I love that they carry cheap “entry level” generic spinners, so that people getting their first spinner don’t have to wade through the hundreds of random generics that all look the same, and then still be concerned over whether they’ll be getting a decent product. On top of that, they even have several other brands available on their website, to give buyers options if they don’t want to scour the web for other company’s websites. I have a Y spinner, and I can’t imagine anything else would fit my hand better, so I’d say my preference is a Y.

  32. Spinetic stands beyond all other manufacturers because they provide amazing quality products and even better customer service and the best thing about that is it all comes in at an affordable price!

  33. I’d love to try a spinetic spinner because my only spinner is a 3D printed spinner, and I love the design of the Spinetic X!

  34. Honestly, I don’t really know what makes Spinetic stand apart because it my first! It’s definitely won’t be my only, have alerts set up for almost every spinner on that site, I haven’t been able to put this down, I want moar!

    Also, the card that comes with it with Joshua’s name and number is a nice personal touch. Makes me comfortable purchasing more.

    I own the X, love it!

  35. I have mild ADHD and have always had a tendency to fidgit with stuff during classes. I have recently been looking in to getting a fidget spinner to play with and help pass the time. When I started researching, i found that the best reviews for a mid priced spinner were for the spinetic x and y. Ever since I found out about spinetic I have been dying to get my hands on one, unfortunately they seem to sell out very quickly. I have to say I am pretty patient and do not blame spinetic at all given how popular these spinners are, and when I reached out to the owner he was very helpful in giving me an eta. Overall, I really love the spinetic company and the product looks great, can’t wait to get my hands on one! (Brass or stainless x would be sweet if I win)

  36. The fact that they dont put crazy price tags on their items when it seems like other companies think its a great fad to be the most expensive. Also its the fan base, they talk them, treat your customers well and they will speak well of you and thats the best advertising you can have.

  37. I’m new to the spinning scene and don’t have one yet, but I’ve been obsessed with checking out all the make and models. When I first saw the Y model I was in complete aw… then I saw the X.

    Your spinners are so perfect and if the Stainless X wasn’t sold out I’d buy one right this second. I want it so badly! You should make it in sandblasted titanium. Black or green. I want to buy all your stuff.

    Keep being awesome!


  38. The quality was amazing for a sub $50 Spinner. Plus I like the fact that the bearing is easily removable. Great job spinetic! Cheers!

  39. What stands out to me is their commitment to the customers. I love the fact that they take the time to personally respond to emails, and obviously the work put into their spinners is awesome!! I love the look of the x, if I don’t win a give away I’ll have to buy one for me or my wife πŸ™‚

  40. Josh set himself apart with a unique design offered at an affordable price with excellent customer service. I don’t own a Spinetic yet due to just having a baby, so all the extra money has to go to diapers and formula right now. But I have seen through YouTube videos, Reddit and Spin Space that Josh is a really stand-up guy, and deserves my hard-earned money. Someday I will grab one, rest assured!

  41. What makes Spinetic spinners stand apart is the premium quality and worksmanship that goes into them for such an affordable price. What I like most about them are the uniqueness of them, especially the X.

  42. I currently do not own a Spinetic spinner, but I have heard great things. Some companies try and exhaust all options before they get to an exchange or a refund, but from what I’ve read, Spinetic puts the customer’s satisfaction first. What makes their design stand out is the build quality at an affordable cost. There are a few companies that come to mind when someone asks for recommendations on a high quality spinner for an affordable price, Spinetic is always one to be mentioned. I currently do not have a high quality tri-spinner, but when it comes time to purchase one, the SS Y spinner is top of the list.

    Great interview and look forward to more.

  43. I don’t personally own one of his products, but from what I’ve seen and read, spinetic is doing great things and at great prices. The fact that it’s only 40-50$ already appeals to me bc it’s more affordable than a spinner that costs 2x or 3xs as much. I would love a chance to win. It would be so awesome if I did.


  44. I haven’t bought a product yet but from everything I see about the These is that they are a good quality product. I love the man behind the product interviews because it lets you find out who is behind the products that we are buying. Keep up the great work Josh! I plan to buy a Y in the soon future and hopefully it’s sooner rather than later

  45. Spinetic spinners stand apart from other spinners out there and are such a beautiful design! You guys have great customer service and make sure we receive top quality products. I would love the chance to own and be a lucky winner of this amazing spinner! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for all that you guys do! <3

  46. I have the Spinetics Brass Y and it is my favourite of the collection. I absolutely love it. I am a business lawyer and I have been giving these to clients and colleagues who show interest when they see mine. It’s a great gift, and the person will think of me when they spin it. If I win, I will donate mine to somebody who wants to get into this but doesn’t have the funds to (will find someone on

  47. At first entry to the spinner world, I have to be honest and say I did not like the design of the x or y, I’m more of a dual bar guy. However, my son Lennon, took a great liking to the 3 bar design. He has autism and has always fidgeted, trying to find anything to spin or shake around. It comforts him and calms him down when it’s needed. I discovered Spinetic because there is a strong community that highly recommended them. I see Spinetic/Josh as a company that knows it’s reaching out to people. But most importantly taking pride in there work. It’s personal and appreciated. Lennon has just an inexpensive plastic 3 bar and some nut and bearing ones I made. I hope to get him a really nice Spinetic X or Y soon. He doesn’t talk much, but I know how much he loves and needs his spinners. Thanks to Spinetic and other independent makers for making us a happy community.

    1. I forgot to mention which spinner – he would most likely like a Y since that is what he’s used to. I’m sure he would love the X too. Color doesn’t matter to him, probably the SS. I almost would say, your pick. Surprise him.

  48. The sheer amount of beautiful unique models of spinners is stunning. The fact that it’s a young independent entrepreneur also inspires me because i’m 14 and one day I aspire to be like him with my obscure youtube channel xD. Each of the spinners are beautiful crafts, unlike the regular tri spinner. I also enjoyed their story very much. I liked how he trys to be honest to his fans. I am a newbie in the spinning scene and can’t afford one. Good luck to everyone and I wish the best to Spinetic Spinners!

  49. It hast been long since I’ve gotten into the spinner community; between cheap Chinese spinners and expensive US made ones, Spinetics seemed to be the middle ground. Affordable high quality spinners with the Human touch.

  50. What makes Spinetic Spinners stand apart is that they have a high quality product at an affordable price point and completely stand by their products. I also like that they offer spinners made by other companies so it’s becoming a one-stop shop for great quality spinners. I’ve even read good things about the plastic spinners available on the website too.

    Joshua is very active on FB and is always posting updates about upcoming drops, new designs, or asking the community for feedback – and making improvements based on feedback. I love his commitment to making his spinners even better and also being able to keep up with the demand.

    I’d have a hard time deciding between an X or Y, but I know I’d want it in SS. I already have a tri spinner, and I think I’d prefer the Y over the X, but on the other hand I would want to try out a quad to get a feel for a different style. If I get picked, I’ll decide then, but for now I can’t.

    Thanks for the chance to win one, Andrei and Joshua!

  51. Spinetic has become such a staple in the spinner community, and I find myself talking about them or typing the name several times every day, whether referring a new spinner, or showing off my (very) well used now copper Y! Your site is easy to use, great customer service, the whole package.

    Plus, I really like seeing all the customization going on in the spinner community! Since your spinners don’t cost massive amounts people aren’t afraid to get creative with patinas or different finishes.

    I’d love any of the Spinetics to be honest! A brass or SS X and I’d be livin’ the dream though! πŸ™‚

    Good luck with everything!

  52. I really appreciate the amazing, affordable spinners Spinetic offers. In addition Joshua has always been very responsive whenever I have reached out with a question. I am sure he gets a ton of questions daily, and yet he has still answered me within minutes each time. He is a great guy and I wish him continued success!

  53. I just Spinetic is a genuine mom and pop kinda shop. They deliver fantastic quality for a price that makes you happy you purchased it. Unlike other companies, you can speak to a real person who gets back to you in no time, and they really care about your experience.

  54. I just ordered my first Spinetics spinner after trying a friend’s, and I’m incredibly impressed by both the quality, and affordability of Spinetic’s products. I found the website very easy to navigate. I’m super excited to get my first Spinetic spinner!

  55. I’m very new to the spinner community but in the short amount or time I’ve been here I’ve heard nothing but good things about spinetic. I would love to win a spinetic y to see what a high quality spinner is like.

  56. Honestly since spintec has come out about every… 5-6 posts I see someone has a spintec in their collection or are talking about how much they enjoy theirs. Would love the chance to win one since my budget has been stretched enough on buying spinners already lol. Glad to see josh is successful and I’m looking forward to seeing what else he can come up with in the future.

  57. I love the design and the price point. I am new to owning a spinner Nd from hwat everybody says this is what im looking for. A high quality spinner that isn’t overly priced and has customer service that is always around to help. I would like a SS Y unless you have brass, then I’d need to choose brass

  58. I have the Spinetic Y in SS and I love it. It’s the second spinner I own. The first one I bought was from Amazon because I had to have one asap. The first one from Amazon I gave away to my friend who is at St Jude’s in Tenn. He’s 16 years old and currently being treated for an inoperable brain tumor. I wanted to give him a better one but didn’t have time . This could be a great opportunity. When I spin the couple I do own I always come back to yours because it’s easy to spin and spins for a long time. Just feels right. Thanks for the consideration.

  59. I’m new to the spinner community, but it’s very welcoming knowing a fidgeter like me, is not alone.

    Spinetic has insanely excellent customer service. They talk with past customers and potential ones through social media. They let you voice your opinion, ask questions, and they answer promptly.

    I’ve learned a lot from their YouTube videos. They seem to be a staple of a great community.

    I’d be more than happy to be lucky enough to win one!

  60. what it is that makes Spinetic spinners stand apart, in your opinion. What do you like about them most? Pricepoint makes them stand apart they are priced just right for the every day consumer. what i like most about them is the cult following on social media !!!!

  61. I really like spinetic’s high quality, affordable-ish products. They are very receptive to feedback. One of the top spinner makers, no contest.

    Personally I like the X. It’s more stable, and more compact.

  62. I personally think that Spinetic spinners stand out because of the cost/quality combined, and the extraordinary customer service. I don’t have a high quality spinner, so I just reached out in email and asked some questions and the response was super detailed!
    I’m super new to this whole community, so winning a Spinetic Y in SS would be really nice c:

  63. I had no idea that it was just two people! They do awesome stuff and its cool to see where they started with 3D printing. Gives me an idea πŸ™‚

  64. I’m a big fan of the build quality and thsg his builds show a unique design instead of the masses of “me too” products. Keep up the good work guys!

  65. What I like about the spenetic spinners is their affordable price for a first metal spinner. Just recently I got the Y spinner in bronze and it is amazing. Would love to try it out in X if I win! Thanks for doing this!

  66. I unfortunately am not in a position to order a spinner of any type at the minute however when I am the very top of my list will be Spinetic x & y! The reason for this is the nothing but positive reviews I read on various Facebook groups not only about the quality of the producuts but about the exceptional customer service that Joshua & his company provide to an ever growing legion of loyal customers. The products straight out of the tin are stunning in themselves but the endless possibilities to add your own personalisation across the range/finishes is astounding and I continue to be wowed by everyone’s creativity. So taking all of this into account coupled with the affordable price points & one of the most competitive shipping rates offered makes Spinetic & Joshua stand apart! I would love to own a Spinetic ss x!

  67. I love the quality for the price. It was my second spinner purchase and I carry it every day. Helps me stay distracted from my anxieties and boredom. I just wish I found it sooner and was available sooner. Inspires me to create my own design.

  68. I’d say the price. Spinetics go for less than half the price than most of the other metal spinners out there.

  69. I just love the feel and the quality of the spin. How did you find the manufacturing for the spinner BTW, like after you made a design?

  70. I love that Spinetic came along to create a quality metal spinner at an affordable price point. The addition of mods like cerakote just takes them to the next level. Haven’t purchased one yet (because I have missed at least two drops) but would love to have a stainless steel cerakoted Y someday (soon).

  71. I’m going to be honest here, I don’t know a lot about spinners yet. I have been looking for a few days to get my first spinner and a lot of people have suggested Spinetic Spinners. I went to their website and boy I was amazed by what I saw. The website looks really good. The spinners look amazing, I especially like the logo on the spinners. I think the stainless steel X is my favorite, too bad all the spinners are out of stock. I would be really happy to get my hands on one one day.

  72. Really love how even though it’s a small community so far, you’re so considerate and thoughtful regarding our opinions on everything already. It’s truly the way that most businesses, small and large, should function in America! Thanks πŸ™‚
    PS a Spinetic X would be awesome!

  73. The Spinetecs are great cause they are made quality and they aren’t ridiculously over priced. or at least that’s what I hear is all the rage on that there interwebs.

    Their design is also quit svelte.

  74. The Spinetic X is a particular favourite design. I have heard many good things about this company’s spinners, and about the customer service especially. The price is also affordable for most.

  75. For me, spinetic stands out because of their quality, affordability, and customer interaction. I’ve never heard a bad review of them, which is pretty amazing! If I were to pick any one, I’d have to pick the brass X, just due to the uniqueness!

  76. Apart from being one of the best sites to get quality spinners. You have to love thease kind of “small” businesses that take care of their customers and try to focus on making a great product. Awesome job! That spinetic Y looks like the one i would prefer!

  77. The Spinetic spinners are different from many of the other spinners out there. Spinetics are high quality, affordable, and comfortable. Great customer support. I only have good things to say about the company but if I had to choose my most favorite thing about the company is how cheap they are. They could be one of the companies that have a crazy price on the spinner because of the quality. I currently have the stainless steel x but would enjoy to have one of the y.

  78. Spinetic spinners have set a new standard for spinners and have found a way to produce high quality products for a very fair price. I love the way they look and would love a Y model!! Keep up the good work guys!!

  79. I know I’m a little late, but I might as well write this anyway.
    In my opinion, there are two things that make Spinetic stand out from the crowd: Joshua and an credible price/quality ratio. You can see just how much Joshua cares about his community from the fact that he’s willing to do an interview with a smaller blog like this. As for value, Spinetics are some of the best spinners you can buy under 50 dollars (or so I’ve been told). They even spin longer than some spinners twice the price. By the way, I’d love a stainless steel y if I get chosen.

  80. The fact that you can get a premium, quality, metal spinner for under $40 is mind blowing. Not to mention their customer service is top notch! Keep up the great work, Spinetic!!

  81. Other than the amazing price little design the one thing that I’ve experienced which stands out the most is Spinetics awesome Customer Service. I had a bearing problem and within 24 hours contacted me back willing to send a replacement. I’ve dealt with a few companies but none even come close to the service Joshua Young provides. Excellent work and keep it up guys!

  82. I always recommend the Spinetic spinners to a new person that is just discovering the hobby. It is a tremendous product for the price point and Josh has shown, time and time again, great customer service.

  83. The affordable spinner options are a wonderful addition to the spinner market. Excellent customer service is always what you can expect from Spinetics.
    Spinetics Y is my choice, should I be lucky enough to win. Thank you.

  84. Spinetics look high quality, and everything I’ve read seems to indicate top notch customer support at reasonable prices. I’ve been hoping to pick up a Y for a while now.

  85. Shows alot can come from a little thing an helps when person cares about quality of there product like spine tickets here great quality so there’s a lot of punch.

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