Fidget Cube review – all your questions answered

fidget cube

After months of waiting, my fidget cube finally arrived at my doorstep – both of them, actually. Thanks to the slightly delayed arrival you probably know all the details about the cube by now, but I’m going to try to give you my two cents nevertheless. I tried to answer what I thought were the most relevant questions about the toy – if you have any other questions leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

How big is the Fidget Cube?

fidget cube size

The cube is just big enough for me to carry it around with a closed fist. Its size is comfortable in the hand, and it’s easy to carry around in your pocket. I’m fairly happy with its size, and the cube fit in most places I used to carry it around, except one. It doesn’t fit inside your jeans’ pocket, at least it didn’t fit comfortably in most of mine. Comfort aside, you’d walk around with a big bulge in your pocket and that’s gonna draw some attention.

I’ve got average-to-large hands and I can reach all the gizmos on all the Fidget Cube’s faces, regardless of the position I’m holding it in.

Do cats like the Fidget Cube?

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Not particularly, they don’t care.

How does the Fidget Cube feel like?

fidget cube up close

The Fidget Cube is made from a rubbery plastic that feels good to the touch. Even if your hands get sweaty the material the cube’s made from won’t gross you out. The buttons, ball, wheel and joystick are made from different materials (the ball is metal, while the other are made from less rubbery plastic), that also feel good to the touch.

What can the Fidget Cube do?

I was showing one of my friends my recently purchased Fidget Cube and he was really excited about it. Then, with a really big grin on his face, he asked me how it connects to your phone.

That’s when it dawned on me: the Fidget Cube looks like a gadget. Like many other gadgets that we carry around with us. So I figured I’d answer this one separately: the Fidget Cube can’t do anything on its own. You just play with it to relieve stress, anxiety, or to help you focus.

What do you do with the Fidget Cube?

You play with it! The cube has a different pattern you can play with, one for each side. Let’s look into them in more detail:

fidget cube

The top face seen here is a joystick. It doesn’t move like a regular PlayStation or Xbox joystick – it only moves side to side. I like it that way, since it makes the joystick smaller and easier to carry around in a pocket – the Fidget Cube clones I’ve seen so far have a “regular” joystick that moves much like a PS4’s.

The front face you can see in the photo above is the only one with two different things on it. On the left, you can see a metal ball which you can roll around and click, and it’s probably the second most satisfying thing on the cube. On the right, you have three wheels that scroll around – on the two cubes that I received these wheels vary in quality, some are easier to scroll while others are very flimsy.

fidget cube

The side on top is my favorite. It’s just a button, and it makes a clicking sound when you mess with it, although there’s a “silent” option when you click it slower. The button can also get stuck in an intermediary position, so it’s not clicked one way or another. This is the best thing on the cube, and I probably spend 75% of the time playing with the button and the button alone.

On the front side you can see a spinning wheel. It doesn’t spin freely – there are around 40 “positions” it can be in, and there are tiny clicks that it makes on each position. These clicks aren’t audible, but if you spin it fast enough you can feel a satisfying vibration in your thumb/finger.

fidget cube

On the left side of this photo you can see a… I don’t know what to call this. A hole? A resting place for your thumb? It’s supposed to just feel good, and I guess it does, but its biggest advantage is that this is the side you usually rest the cube on.

On the right there are five tiny buttons. The one in the middle clicks, while two more (on opposing sides) are a bit tougher to click. The remaining two buttons don’t click, you just press them. I think these are the third best thing on the cube.

Is the Fidget Cube easy to carry around?


Just don’t do it in tight pants, you’ll either look like you’re trying to hide a boner or something equally awkward. Other than that, it’s easy to carry around.

fidget cube shipped

The Fidget Cube comes with its own tiny bag – you can see it in the photo above. When I had to carry the cube in my backpack I used it, but on a day-by-day basis I don’t carry it around with me.

Is the Fidget Cube durable?

I’ve only had mine for a week, so it’s tough to say for certain. But so far the main one I use is the all-black one and it doesn’t have a mark on it. So far I’ve played around with it for tens of hours, dropped it a couple of times, including on pavement. So far so good.

Does the Fidget Cube work?


I’m the guy who constantly fidgets. My nails haven’t been not-chewed on my entire life. Ever since I got this cube… I still fidget, but at least I have a thing that’s especially designed to do this. When I’m at my desk, lost in my own thoughts and focused, I don’t even notice that I’ve got the cube in my hand. It’s awesome, and it works.

How does the Fidget Cube ship?

fidget cube

Tadaa! This is how the cube ships. If I’m honest, the box is kinda bad – the all-black cube had become unstuck from its original position and it bounced off the box’s walls endlessly. The black and green one you can see above almost made it to my doorstep just as it was packed, but the contents had started to move around in it already. Speaking of contents, here they are:

fidget cube

The cube was glued to the base it came with. The sticker is high quality. All in all I’m pleased with the contents of the box.

How is Antsy Labs customer service?

What I’m not pleased with is the customer service – if you plan on ordering one yourself, this is something to keep in mind. I had to wait for more than two months after the estimated shipping date, and when I finally received the order confirmation even that estimation was exceeded by almost a week. They were advertising “first class shipping”, but it came by regular post office – slower than snail mail. During this time I contacted Antsy Labs to at least get a tracking number, I didn’t even get a reply to my Kickstarter message, or my email.

I could chalk this up to their overwhelming number of orders. But I’ve had experience with companies that are in the same situation before – I was an original backer of the first Pebble, and a backer of the second Pebble installment. Their customer service wasn’t perfect, but it was a hell of a lot better than this.

Hopefully, things will get better once they’ve had some experience in the field.

Should you buy a Fidget Cube?

Do you like what you’ve read about the cube so far? Are you tempted to buy it? Are you comfortable with the price?

If you answered yes to these questions, then my recommendation is yes, buy one. It lives up to the hype and it’s so worth the effort.

What do you want to know?

I’m trying to figure out what else you’d like to know about the cube, and I already covered what I would’ve liked to know. So don’t be shy, leave your questions in the comment section below, and I’ll get right on answering them.

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