The best Rubik’s Cubes you can buy right now

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rubik's cubes

In creating my post about Fidget Toys, I was researching all the types of stress relief toys that are available right now when I remembered the ones I’ve had for the longest time: Rubik’s cubes. Once I posted the Fidget Toys article I got some advice: the cubes I recommended are okay, but they’re not 2017 okay.

So I did some more research, asked some more advice from people more up to date than myself, and I’ve gathered what I think are the best Rubik’s Cubes you can buy right now. Hopefully, you’ll feel the same way too!

I’ve ordered these cubes according to price, so this whole post will read like an elevator: the further down you go, the bigger the prices. Don’t worry too much, though, the most expensive Rubik’s Cube on the list still costs less than $25. Even if you bought all of the cubes I’ve presented below, you will have to pay a grand total of $144.25 – and you’d have an impressive collection with the best of the best.

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