Meet your Makers #2: Spinetic

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spinetic spinners

Almost a month ago I premiered the interview series called Meet your Makers, where I try to show you a bit of the behind the scenes of a fidget toy maker’s life. In the time since then I tried to get in touch with more manufacturers, and to my surprise and delight more of them have agreed to take part in my small interview series.

In today’s episode I teamed up with Joshua, the owner and creator behind Spinetic Spinners, some of the most popular fidget toys out there and definitely the most popular on EDC Toys. Every time I ask you for recommendations the top ones I get are Spinetic spinners. And his website,, is probably on top of everyone’s daily bookmarks, just to see if any spinners are back in stock.

Not only was Joshua kind enough to sit down with me and answer my questions, but he agreed to host a giveaway for one lucky reader. So keep reading until the very end, when I’ll tell you all about this giveaway.

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Free fidget toy contest winners – everyone wins!

Earlier this week we kicked off our series of interviews with fidget toy makers by talking with Geoff from Steel Lynx. As I said then, Geoff offered three Mobius toys for you guys and it was my job to pick the winners. Well, since posting that interview Geoff has changed his mind and everyone wins!

If you’re one of the ten people who commented on our previous post, you just won a Mobius fidget toy!

You get a Mobius! And you get a Mobius! And you get a Mobius!

A big thank you to Geoff, and to all you guys who took part in this! Watch your emails, I’ll be sending you details on how to collect your prize.

Edit: I messed up and forgot an important thing: you do have to pay for shipping. I’d handle that myself, but to be honest it’s more than my budget allows for right now. 

Meet your makers #1: Steel Lynx

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steel lynx fidget toys

I’ve got a couple of new post series in the works, and this is one of them. Meet your makers is a series of interviews I’m planning with manufacturers in the EDC / fidget toy industry. Ever since I first started exploring this industry I became fascinated with the fact that most of the products aren’t big brand names that have practically set up a monopoly. No, instead it’s your average Joe that builds and sells these toys, and is more in touch with his audience than Apple will ever be with iPhone users.

The first manufacturer to answer my call is Geoff, the guy behind Steel Lynx (check out all of his work at He makes a lot of types of fidget toys, but his most famous one is probably the Mobius fidget toy:

He was kind enough to offer three of them for free for our community – more details about this at the end of the post!

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