Spinetic Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on our Spinetic giveaway! Reading all your comments was really fun, and it shows why many of you were so passionate about these spinners. Without further ado, here’s the giveaway draw:

Congratulations to Leo Villanueva! You’ll be getting a Spinetic Spinner of your choosing – either an X or an Y! Here’s why Leo likes Spinetic products:spinetic spinners

Again, a big thanks for everyone who participated and I can’t wait to do this all again next time! ūüôā


Welcome to the March Race

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February’s contest ended this week and I for one had fun organizing it. I’m sure at least one of you guys also liked it!

In March we’re doing things differently. It’s going to be more complex, with a few more rules, but overall I think we’re gonna have more fun this month. Introducing…

The March Race

This March we’re kicking it into high gear. I know you love spinners and I know many of you have one at home, and I’ve seen many of you brag about your spin times. So¬†let’s race!

To win this month’s contest and the $50 prize that comes with it¬†by having the longest spin time on your spinner. You must be able to prove this with video – the standard photo showing your time won’t be enough, or else I’m sure someone will win with a time of ten hours.

And that’s it! Enter the contest by leaving a comment below, and remember to link to the video of your spinner actually spinning for the time you say it does. I’ll be posting updates when the number one spot has been overtaken, so subscribing to the newsletter won’t hurt if you want to be up to date with the race.

Bonus round: the fastest ten spinners will enter a draw to win another $50 prize! So you can win a $50 fidget toy (or cash equivalent) by:

  • having the best time on your spinner
  • having a top 10 time and being lucky.

Based on the feedback I received so far I want to level the playing field so that everyone has a fair chance. I’m open to suggestions on how to make the rules fair for everyone, but so far the number one rule is:

The only “spin” that’s accepted is the natural one. No using compressed air cans, magnets or other contraptions that would aritficially drive up your spin time.

And… we’re off! Good luck and have fun!

Edit: many of you pointed out that the contest in its current form will give some spinner owners an unfair advantage. After thinking it over, you’re right. I’m open to all suggestions to level the playing field, but without outright banning any spinner. I’m thinking of adding an extra prize and having one prize for low cost spinners, one for more expensive ones and the draw where the top times from each category would enter. What are your thoughts?

Congratulations to our first contest winner!

A little under a month ago I launched EDC Toys’ first contest – I invited you to tell me what your favorite EDC toy is, and 45 of you took me up on my offer! I won’t drag this along, so without further ado here’s how I randomly extracted the winner:

Congratulations to Steven, who won with the comment below. I’ll be in contact in just a few minutes so we can get you your very own FlyAwayToys Falcon.

edc toys winner

Stay tuned – the next contest will be here soon!

Free fidget toy contest winners – everyone wins!

Earlier this week we kicked off our series of interviews with fidget toy makers by talking with Geoff from Steel Lynx. As I said then, Geoff offered three Mobius toys for you guys and it was my job to pick the winners. Well, since posting that interview Geoff has changed his mind and everyone wins!

If you’re one of the ten people who commented on our previous post, you just won a Mobius fidget toy!

You get a Mobius! And you get a Mobius! And you get a Mobius!

A big thank you to Geoff, and to all you guys who took part in this! Watch your emails, I’ll be sending you details on how to collect your prize.

Edit: I messed up and forgot an important thing: you do have to pay for shipping. I’d handle that myself, but to be honest it’s more than my budget allows for right now.¬†

Name your favorite EDC Toys and win one!

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edc toys

In my spare time I build websites, much like EDC Toys here, mostly based off of my current hobby or interest at the time, tinker with them and try to learn as much as possible when it comes to coding, design, maintenance, and everything else. In the past, I’ve built sites like windows-phone.co, or legendarychicken.com (when I discovered and fell in love with Hearthstone), but after a while my interest fizzles and I move on to something else.

I want EDC Toys to be different, and I want to give the community a voice when it comes to what you see here. What gets posted on EDC Toys needs to reflect the community and not just my own preferences. My goal here is to bring added value to your hobby, and to do that I need you to guide me in the right direction.

These are my reasons for inaugurating what I call an¬†EDC challenge: leave a comment below and share your favorite 3 EDC toys!¬†At the end of the month I’ll randomly choose one comment and the winner will receive a $50 prize.

So, what are you into? Fidget toys, outdoor gear, vehicle gear? Share the love here and get a chance to win your favorite gear! You can leave as many comments as you want and get to know everyone’s interests, but you’ll only get one entry – fair’s fair. Also, if your favorite toy happens to be a Tesla… I’ll just wire you the $50. ¬†If it’s in the ballpark of $50, I’ll have it shipped to your doorstep.

Welcome to EDC Toys

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edc toys

I figured before jumping right into things we’d take a minute and say hello. So, hello and welcome to EDC Toys!

What is EDC?

EDC stands for Everyday Carry. While the term is pretty self-explanatory, it can mean different things to different people: gun enthusiasts will immediately think about their favorite weapon, or photographers will think about the camera that’s most easy to carry along. But EDC isn’t limited to any one niche, group or hobby – it’s a broad term that’s applied differently from one person to the next.

I myself ¬†only found out that EDC is a thing a couple of months ago. I backed the Fidget Cube¬†in fall 2016 and while doing research on it I was surprised to find that this isn’t the first gadget of its kind, and there’s a whole series of fidget toys that are meant to be carried around all day. But while I had just found out about this, I wasn’t a stranger to fidgeting.

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