9 New (to me) Fidget Toy designs

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fidget toys
Fidget toy designs

Hey! It’s been a while. The last two months have been pretty hectic for me on the home front, with some big changes in all aspects of my life. As always, when you’re running low on time it’s your hobbies that take the hit, so I’ve been quite absent from EDC Toys – both the toys, and the website.

But now things have settled, I’ve settled into a new routine so much that I’ve started to browse the web to add some more stuff to my collection, and I was surprised to find that during the time when I wasn’t glued to fidget news, a lot of new toy designs have come out. I’ll get straight into it, here are 9 fidget toys that I liked that I hadn’t seen before:

#1: The Fidget Cube Spinner

It’s not exactly a fidget cube, and it’s not quite a spinner. This Braindeefstudio creation is a little of both, and unfortunately it’s not available right now. Keep your eyes on the creator’s Etsy page though, and you might just be able to grab one when they come back in stock.

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16 Unusual fidget toys to inspire you

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16 unusual fidget toys

In the month and a bit since I launched this website I’ve seen fidget toys blossom and grow in numbers in a way I didn’t predict and wouldn’t have believed. And they’re getting more and more popular, too: I’ve got a fidget spinner or the fidget cube with me for a couple of months now, and fewer people are surprised about them or didn’t know about them before.

Up until now, on EDC Toys we’ve covered fidget spinners extensively, so I decided to make a post to bring some of the lesser known fidget toys in the spotlight. The 17 toys below are all from Amazon, because going outside of it would’ve made this post hundreds of toys long. Some of them have been featured here before, most have not, but they’re all making my fingers twitch. I’ve left their original descriptions from Amazon, and tried to explain them, or at least their presence here.

Without further ado, here are the…

17 unusual fidget toys

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Fidget Cube review – all your questions answered

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fidget cube

After months of waiting, my fidget cube finally arrived at my doorstep – both of them, actually. Thanks to the slightly delayed arrival you probably know all the details about the cube by now, but I’m going to try to give you my two cents nevertheless. I tried to answer what I thought were the most relevant questions about the toy – if you have any other questions leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

How big is the Fidget Cube?

fidget cube size

The cube is just big enough for me to carry it around with a closed fist. Its size is comfortable in the hand, and it’s easy to carry around in your pocket. I’m fairly happy with its size, and the cube fit in most places I used to carry it around, except one. It doesn’t fit inside your jeans’ pocket, at least it didn’t fit comfortably in most of mine. Comfort aside, you’d walk around with a big bulge in your pocket and that’s gonna draw some attention.

I’ve got average-to-large hands and I can reach all the gizmos on all the Fidget Cube’s faces, regardless of the position I’m holding it in.

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The best Rubik’s Cubes you can buy right now

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rubik's cubes

In creating my post about Fidget Toys, I was researching all the types of stress relief toys that are available right now when I remembered the ones I’ve had for the longest time: Rubik’s cubes. Once I posted the Fidget Toys article I got some advice: the cubes I recommended are okay, but they’re not 2017 okay.

So I did some more research, asked some more advice from people more up to date than myself, and I’ve gathered what I think are the best Rubik’s Cubes you can buy right now. Hopefully, you’ll feel the same way too!

I’ve ordered these cubes according to price, so this whole post will read like an elevator: the further down you go, the bigger the prices. Don’t worry too much, though, the most expensive Rubik’s Cube on the list still costs less than $25. Even if you bought all of the cubes I’ve presented below, you will have to pay a grand total of $144.25 – and you’d have an impressive collection with the best of the best.

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All about fidget toys – an in-depth guide

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fidget toys

A word before you start reading: please consider this post a work in progress. I initially wrote it following my own research and opinions, but I’m dedicated to updating it to reflect the community’s views. If I made a mistake and misinterpreted your favorite hobby/toy, please let me know in the comments!

The purpose of this post is to familiarize yourself with fidget toys, so I wrote a few words about the many types and categories of fidget toys that you can find right now. Hopefully, by the time you reach the other end of this page you will have gained a general overview of this emerging industry. I realize going into this that I’m not going to be able to list all fidget toys – or even all the types of fidget toys you can buy – but if you know of one that I missed, just drop a comment and I’ll be quick to investigate. That being said, enjoy this guide!

Before I start, let me tell you about what you’re going to read: first off, I grouped each fidget toy into a category wherever this could be done. This doesn’t mean that all the toys in a category are alike, there’s incredible diversity from one model to another, but to showcase that diversity I would literally have to list all the products I ever came across, and that would take hours to read.

Second, you’ll see that I score each category of spinners in three aspects: Price, Fidgetness and Repeatability. The score you see there is out of 5 points, and it’s not meant to describe any single product, but the whole category. Here’s what each of these mean:

Price – self explanatory, this refers to the price of a product type. The higher the Price score, the higher the product type’s average price.
Fidgetness – in my mind, a fidget toy can be used during class or during a meeting, and while providing stress relief it shouldn’t take your focus away from what you’re doing. A product type will score high here if it achieves this.
Portability – how easy is it to carry this product type around?  High scores mean it’s so easy you forget about it, low scores mean you need extra special care when you’re the move.
Repeatability – I often get bored of fidget after playing around with them for a while. The ones that stand the test of time will score high here, while one hit wonders will score low.

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63 Fidget Cube clones you can get until the original arrives

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original fidget cube

The Fidget Cube has brought EDC toys into the spotlight – as I was telling you in our first post, it’s what opened my eyes to the world of fidget toys in the first place. And since it managed to raise close to $6.5 million from Kickstarter every online news outlet this side of the internet started to cover the Fidget Cube, fidget toys in general and even some of the everyday carry essentials regardless of their type.

But months have come and gone and even some of the earliest backers are left waiting for theirs, with little contact from Antsy Labs other than constant general “we’re shipping some cubes, have patience” announcements. The Fidget Cube subreddit has an ongoing thread where members post once they receive either the cubes or shipping confirmations, and you can still see some top 1,000 backers left hanging even now, 4 months since the Kickstarter campaign made its debut.

If you haven’t even ordered a Fidget Cube, odds are that you’re months away from getting your hands on the real deal. Since Amazon is full of Fidget Cube clones I thought I’d put together a tiny list of these clones in case some of you were eager to get your hands on a cube – albeit a knockoff one – until the real deal is shipped.

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