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Fidget toy designs

Hey! It’s been a while. The last two months have been pretty hectic for me on the home front, with some big changes in all aspects of my life. As always, when you’re running low on time it’s your hobbies that take the hit, so I’ve been quite absent from EDC Toys – both the toys, and the website.

But now things have settled, I’ve settled into a new routine so much that I’ve started to browse the web to add some more stuff to my collection, and I was surprised to find that during the time when I wasn’t glued to fidget news, a lot of new toy designs have come out. I’ll get straight into it, here are 9 fidget toys that I liked that I hadn’t seen before:

#1: The Fidget Cube Spinner

It’s not exactly a fidget cube, and it’s not quite a spinner. This Braindeefstudio creation is a little of both, and unfortunately it’s not available right now. Keep your eyes on the creator’s Etsy page though, and you might just be able to grab one when they come back in stock.

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#2: The Moon drop desktop toy

I really like new fidget toys ideas that aren’t just copies of other existing ones. I might be wrong about this one, but it’s (as the title says) news to me: the moon drop desk toy features a center piece that “moves” as if affected by the Moon’s gravity. The toy isn’t on the cheap side, but it’s a perfect desktop distraction.

Moon Drop Desk Fidget Toy, Displaying Gravity Moon and Mars, EDC Focus Toy Moondrop for Kids & Adults - Best Stress Reducer Relieves ADHD Anxiety and Boredom
  • GOOD QUALITY - Moon drop is made with the latest cutting edge technology to ensure the perfect quality to every unit. Equipped with super precise slider, Moondrop is a very satisfying fidgeting toy as well. You can flip it, slide it, spin it and fidget any way you like
  • KEEP FOCUS - The anti-gravity slider makes it very satisfying to play with Moondrop. We found fidgeting a great way to keep focus, not get distracted from meaningful works, relieve anxiety or just relax.
  • GREAT FIDGET TOY - Moondrop comes in a beautiful desktop stand. It is pocket sized and perfectly fits in a palm so you can take it anywhere you go.
  • GIFT READY PACKAGE - Moondrop comes in a gift metal box, Amaze your friends. Give them unique present and show how objects fall on the Moon or Mars. it's a special and magic gift.
  • Toy

#3: The Skull Spinner

Brace yourselves, from here on out every one of the featured fidget toys will be spinners, particuarily fidget toys that caught my eye by having an outstanding design. This one is of a skull and bones, and it’s original enough that it made it on the list.

FINGER SPINNER Fidget Spinner Toy Relieve Stress High Speed Focus Toy for Killing Time
  • Material: Brass Size: 6cm/2.36inch
  • It's fun and interesting, also effective for focus and deep thought. Especially helpful to relax effectively when you are all nerves.
  • Great for anxiety, focusing, ADHD, autism, quitting bad habits, staying awake
  • Perfect size suitable for Adults and kids, simple, easy to carry
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: "FINGER SPINNER" is a trademark by us, but we still find counterfeit FINGER SPINNER products. We recommend you not to purchase them from other sources because they are not authorized by FINGER SPINNER. They are very poor quality. If you receive such products, we suggest you apply full refund.

#4: Captain America’s Shield

This is the first spinner that’s guaranteed to draw the eye of everyone who’s watched Marvel movies over the last decade. This spinner is a miniature version of Captain America’s shield, sans its indestructible nature.

The Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner Fidget Toy Shield Helps Focusing Premium Quality EDC for Kids & Adults Stress Reducer Relieves ADHD Anxiety Boredom Ceramic Cube Bearing
  • When buying please recognize our store YIKUYIYA. We recommend you not to purchase the items from other sources because they are not authorized by YIKUYIYA. The items they sell are not Aluminum Alloy and Different Design. Or they don't deliver after receipt of money. Please do not lose your money.
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy; Long Spin Time, Average spin times of 3-5 minutes, based on your intensity.
  • Captain Shield Dual Design, High quality Metal body and High Quality Bearings for the Ultimate Spinner Gyroscope.
  • Perfect for waiting in lines, meditation, timing, quitting bad habits, striking up conversations, and more.
  • No big noise: Easy to carry, small, simple, discrete and fun.

#5: Iron Man’s Spinner

Fair warning: it’s not actually Iron Man’s spinner. In fact, it’s just Tony Stark’s.

Joking aside, I’m a big fan of these spinners because they deviate from the norm we’ve grown accustomed to.

Wisdom Tree Fidget Hand Spinner Spin Widget Focus Toy for ADHD Children and Adults
  • Average spin time: more than 5 minutes, high quality metal material.Ceramic bearings.
  • Our hand spinners sre high-precision, made from various materials using an automated computer numerical control milling process.
  • Diameter = 2.36", height = 0.27", suitable for adults and kids.
  • Great for fidgety hands, ADHD sufferers.It's fun and interesting, also effective for focus and deep thought.
  • Did not use glue. Can replace the bearing by yourself.Top quality, do not buy inferior products.

#6: Batarang spinner

And the last of the superhero series, this spinner looks like a Batarang, but it’s not as high quality or as polished as the other two superhero spinners. Nevertheless, reviews claim that this model is a great entry level spinner – and with an affordable price, it’s a good impulse buy.

Fidget Spinner Toy Stress Reducer High Speed Bearing- Perfect For ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism Adult Children
  • Ideal for people trying to quite nail biting, smoking, leg shaking and all type of attention disorder issues. Ergonomic curved shape design for hand comfort and long term usage. Simply flick and spin for hours with one or two hands
  • LONG SPIN TIMES: Hybrid Ceramic Bearing With Frame Balanced to Perfection to Provide You With Smooth Spin Times
  • Molding process bring you Smooth Feeling,Small enough to carry in your pocket everyday
  • Toy
  • Linne

#7: Empyrean transformer spinner

This is one amazing spinner. Not only does it have a steampunk look, but it actually transforms – you can use an ordinary screwdriver to take apart its arms and turn it into either a three-way spinner, or a four-way spinner, or just attach two arms. The possible combinations really make it one of my favorites.

The Transformer metal fidget spinner by Empyrean. Non-3d printed, relieve ADHD, combat boredom at the office. Spins 4+ minutes.
  • Please only purchase from Empyrean to get the Original Transformer Spinner. Others on this listing will be knockoffs.
  • FIND INSPIRATION: Why is it that your best ideas seem to come to you at random times throughout the day? It's because you stopped trying so hard. Spinners are a great tool for inspiration at your desk.
  • TAKE A BREAK FROM WORK: Take a break from work and let your brain wonder. Great for anxiety, ADHD, quitting bad habits, keeping you occupied during a long drive (Don't fall asleep!).
  • VARIED WEIGHT: Take advantage of the long spin times by adding or removing legs to your spinner. Find your perfect setting.
  • FOCUS: Use this spinner to keep your mind from wondering so that you can focus on what counts.

#8: Phat Boy Spinner

I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m a big fan of spinners with an unique, original design. This one just lends itself to the spinner design.

SteamPunk Spinners ALUMINUM Fidget Spinner PHAT BOY Deluxe!
  • Half inch thick aluminum fidget spinner with recessed, engraved brass bearing caps
  • Caps sit proud of the spinner for table top spinning and are hand ground to fit within the recess
  • Toy
  • Steampunk Spinners

#9: Bio Hazard spinner

Last, but not least, I found this bio hazard spinner that looks even better than the nuclear one.

In conclusion

These are the spinner designs that impressed me lately, but they’re not the only ones by a long shot! What are some that impressed you lately?

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