9 New (to me) Fidget Toy designs

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fidget toys
Fidget toy designs

Hey! It’s been a while. The last two months have been pretty hectic for me on the home front, with some big changes in all aspects of my life. As always, when you’re running low on time it’s your hobbies that take the hit, so I’ve been quite absent from EDC Toys – both the toys, and the website.

But now things have settled, I’ve settled into a new routine so much that I’ve started to browse the web to add some more stuff to my collection, and I was surprised to find that during the time when I wasn’t glued to fidget news, a lot of new toy designs have come out. I’ll get straight into it, here are 9 fidget toys that I liked that I hadn’t seen before:

#1: The Fidget Cube Spinner

It’s not exactly a fidget cube, and it’s not quite a spinner. This Braindeefstudio creation┬áis a little of both, and unfortunately it’s not available right now. Keep your eyes on the creator’s Etsy page though, and you might just be able to grab one when they come back in stock.

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