All about EDC Spinners

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what are edc spinners

TL;DR: If you’ve ever heard of EDC spinners but you’re not quite sure what they are, I put together this guide as a broad overview. Is anything left unclear after reading this post? Did I leave out your favorite gadget? Let me know in the comments below!

EDC spinners are the topic I thought that the first “real” post on the site should try to cover. Ideally, this should put EDC into perspective and analyze the types of products we’re going to be focusing on in more detail. Since I discovered EDC toys relatively recently, these first posts will also recreate my journey to discover what EDC is all about. Hopefully, if you’re just starting out you’re going to find these posts useful.

So, without further ado, here’s a relatively close look into all the different EDC Spinners:

What are EDC Spinners?

This is my first – and so far my only spinner. When I first started to research stress relief gadgets similar to the Fidget Cube, I found that spinners are by far the most wide spread of them all. Basically, every EDC gear list would contain one of these. In essence, these toys consist of a center ball bearing that you hold between your thumb and index finger and some sort of “body” that spins around the center ball bearing.

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Welcome to EDC Toys

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edc toys

I figured before jumping right into things we’d take a minute and say hello. So, hello and welcome to EDC Toys!

What is EDC?

EDC stands for Everyday Carry. While the term is pretty self-explanatory, it can mean different things to different people: gun enthusiasts will immediately think about their favorite weapon, or photographers will think about the camera that’s most easy to carry along. But EDC isn’t limited to any one niche, group or hobby – it’s a broad term that’s applied differently from one person to the next.

I myself  only found out that EDC is a thing a couple of months ago. I backed the Fidget Cube in fall 2016 and while doing research on it I was surprised to find that this isn’t the first gadget of its kind, and there’s a whole series of fidget toys that are meant to be carried around all day. But while I had just found out about this, I wasn’t a stranger to fidgeting.

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